About Us

The founder of our company, Takao Kiyofuji, is from Kinkō – a small coastal town in Kagoshima, Japan, where our office is located. Kinko is home to some of Kagoshimas finest tea leaves, and where the first pluck of tea is harvested earlier than anywhere else in mainland Japan. 

In addition to our companys business selling light shielding and inner surface anti-reflectants and infrared absorbent fabrics to the worlds leading optical equipment manufacturers, he wants to give back to his hometown, Kinkō.

With our current president and Takaos son, Shinichiro Kiyofuji, we aim to revitalize the community by spreading tea from Kinko to the world.


Company Information

Company Name
Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd. Kagoshima Office

3306-4, Kamikawa, Kinko-cho, Kimotsuki-gun, Kagoshima, 893-2301 JAPAN

+81 994 25 1213