Make delicious hojicha lattes at home
by simply adding the milk of your choice.
100% Additive-Free




– A Story behind “Hojicha Tea”

In Kagoshima, people traditionally offer guests and their families “chaippe” – a cup of tea with brown sugar cubes for good luck, good health, and a moment of relaxation.
We’ve created a modern version of Chaippe by mixing locally sourced roasted green tea powder with brown sugar.
Why not treat yourself or your next guest to a chaippe?

Rare tea leaves from Kinko Town, Kagoshima

Tea leaves from Kinko Town are said to be rare due to their high quality and small production volume
An award-winning Japanese tea master from Kinko Town has carefully selected and blended three types of tea leaves: Saemidori, Yutakamidori, and Yabukita and roasted them himself specially for this product

Brown sugar from Kagoshima

We only use brown sugar which has lots of minerals compared to regular sugar
Our brown sugar is from Kagoshima which is famous for its sugarcane production

How to prepare

Iced Hojicha Latte

Hot Hojicha Latte